Kansas paintings
Wheat, corn, alfalfa, pigs, chickens, cows, rows of carrots, beans on the vine, potatoes in the earth.
Horses, tractors, plows, rakes, spades, threshers, combines. Homesteads and fields, fences and windbreaks.
Dirt, clay, rock and dust. Snow, rain, wind, drought. Water for the crops, water for the animals, water to drink more deeply than you ever have before, water for a bath, water to wash the windows, water to put out the fire. 

And the Bible of course. Community, church, fellowship. You can hold hands with other worshipers, other workers, men on your crew, but don’t ever be one who puts hands on other men in that way. Never look at another man’s wife. Don’t be a fornicator, a drunk, a pervert, a Satanist. We’ll drive you out; we’ll forget you; deny you ever existed. You will move to the cities and keep company with actors and prostitutes and communists.
We will hate you, and you will forgive us and we won’t care. Someday you will paint it.